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My Skin Changed After Pregnancy

My Skin Changed After Pregnancy

My Skin Changed After Pregnancy

Thanks to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It was sometime around 5 months postpartum when I finally looked in the mirror and realized that my skin had changed since having a baby. My pregnancy skin had been bouncy, glowy, and the extra water weight had filled in the fine lines that I’d amassed over the years as a 38-year-old woman. With all the water weight gone, the reflection back in the mirror looked less taut, dull, with more fine lines than I remembered, and CONSIDERABLY more tired. I’d never noticed a visible loss in elasticity before, but here it was. I don’t have a better way to describe my skin, other than it just looked loose and tired. Ever since this moment, I’ve been on the hunt for products that would be effective in helping to take my skin back to its pre-baby state. 

After trying tons of products and not seeing much progress over the past year, I was intrigued when I heard about Rodan + Fields’ new Total RF Serum. It’s a high-potency serum that fuels tired, aging skin with more energy, resulting in revitalized, stronger-looking skin. I’ve been using Rodan + Fields products for years, so I trust them inherently to deliver RESULTS. Skincare nerd that I am, I read up on the serum’s clinicals which had instant results, but it’s meant to be used consistently to address visible signs of aging at every level. The serum helps with elasticity, firmness, plumpness, fine lines, skin texture, even skin tone, radiance, hydration, softer, more supple skin, reduced pores, and revitalized skin, to deliver younger-looking skin. Basically every single thing I needed!

Rodan + Fields Total RF Serum

The Experience

The package arrived and I tore it open and put it on my bathroom counter, excited to incorporate it into my routine that night once Teddy went to bed. The packaging came encased with a lock and key, which made it all the more fun to open up. 

The serum itself is a super pretty petal pink, pearlescent serum that quickly breaks into a refreshing and spreadable emulsion. It smells pretty and calming, and I love how lightweight, and moisturizing it is, without feeling heavy. As someone with combination skin that’s on the drier side, I LOVE to load up my skin with moisture (especially at night), but I have to be really careful not to clog my pores. The serum slid and then soaked into my skin, leaving behind a light dewiness. It really felt like it was nourishing it in the best way. If my skin could have SIGHED in that moment, it would have. It is lovely. 

My Skin Changed After Pregnancy

The Routine

I just started using it last week, but I’m so excited to report that my skin is already visibly more elastic and glowing. I can’t wait to see how my skin looks after 8 weeks of using it… I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my results! My favorite part of the product is that it was SO easy to include in my routine, and in no way did it affect any of the blemishes on my face – if anything, it softened them. I’m all about high efficiency products these days – I truly don’t have time for anything else! Here’s how I’m using it currently:

Morning Skincare Routine:



Total RF Serum

Eye Cream

Moisturizer with SPF

Nighttime Skincare Routine:

Cleansing Balm




Total RF Serum

Eye Cream


My Skin Changed After Pregnancy

Why It Works: The Technology 

Like I said, I’m a skincare nerd, so if you’re interested in the breakdown of ingredients (like I know many of you are!) I’ve included them below. If not, skip past it for my final review and shopping info!

Key Ingredients:

  • RF TriEnergy Complex: proprietary technology inspired by ayurvedic that contains:
    • Sandalwood: helps minimize the look of fine lines.
    • Indian Kino Tree Extract: helps skin look more even toned.
    • Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids: specially modified to enhance penetration at the skin’s surface, serves as building blocks to create a supple, plumper-looking complexion.
  • Patented RF3 Antioxidant Complex: developed + patented in the US by Rodan + Fields’ scientists. Fortifies skin to be more resilient and defend against environmental aggressors for even-looking skin.
  • Ceramides: help fortify skin’s barrier and retain moisture. The result is smoother, firmer-looking skin with less visible fine lines. 
  • Calcium: Helps with visible firmness to make skin feel tighter and more resilient. 
My Skin Changed After Pregnancy

My Overall Review

I’m loving Total RF Serum so far – the instant changes I’ve seen have me extremely intrigued to keep going with this serum! While this product is a bit of an investment ($175 for full-sized), I find it to be very much worth the cost for a quality product. Plus, you can save on costs when you reorder. Total RF Serum is actually Rodan’ + Field’s 1st refillable product, so you can help limit waste and your refill will be $148 when you reorder! They also have a 60-DAY BACK GUARANTEE on all products, including empties, so it’s risk-free and absolutely worth a try!

Where To Buy:

Total RF Serum just launched and is now available for purchase on www.rodanandfields.com or through an Independent Consultant. 

Did your skin change after pregnancy, or are you suffering from dull, aging skin with a lack of firmness like me? Would love to hear! Also, let me know if you decide to try Total RF Serum!



Thanks to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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