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*Why did you decide to start a blog?

As a fashion and beauty publicist and digital strategist, I have been behind-the-scenes my whole career, but I have so many new types of projects I’m being asked to do in addition to  PR and social media. Some of these include hosting on-air style and beauty videos, and contributing trend advice, PR and social media tips to publications and blogs, podcasts. As a result, I felt the strong need for a creative, personal outlet of my own. This is place where I write and create all of my own content, and it serves a platform to house all of my creative projects. Blogging and personal style has become a natural extension of my profession, and is something that I genuinely enjoy doing!


*Who takes your photos?

The majority of my photos are taken by my amazingly talented photographer, and partner-in-crime Scott White (@BloggerPhotographer)







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