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How To Organize Your Bathroom When You’re A Product Junkie

How To Organize Your Bathroom When You’re A Product Junkie

 I’ve been collecting beauty products for as long as I can remember. I was 5 years old, and would display bottles of my prized peel-off nail polish, and my great aunt’s fancy hand-me-down lipsticks on my dresser like they were trophies. (which they kind of were, and still are, TBH). Since bathroom organization can be daunting (especially if you’re a product hoarder like me), I’m sharing my steps on how to organize your bathroom when you’re a product junkie.

I have too many products.  As a result of the PR mailers that come in daily like clockwork (NOT complaining); to the items that I purchase, and our one, tiny Manhattan bathroom, we are at CAPACITY over here. 

A few years ago, I did a post about sharing a small space with your significant other, however our bathroom is long overdue for an update. As a result, when Bed Bath + Beyond approached me about doing a bathroom organization project, I jumped at the opportunity. I worked with them for our wedding registry, to update our pillow situation, and now on our bathrooms! I love that Bed Bath + Beyond has everything for the home, and I can get it all in one place. So efficient! They also have idea boards on their site where you can see the room coming together with items from the site, which helps me since I’m very visual. 

Step No. 1: Purge

Did you know there’s a shelf-life on every product? In other words, it will go bad, stop being effective, etc after the date on the container. 

Where’s the due date, you ask? On the bottom of every package is a little jar icon with the number of months the product is good for. The countdown begins after you’ve opened it. So that lipstick you tried once 2 years ago, but the date says 6m? That lipstick was only good for 6 months once opened, and has now been been expired for over 18 months. Gross!

I hate feeling like I’m wasting product, but I find that starting with the products like the above that are literally EXPIRED helps to make a dent. From there I go on to keep what I love and use, and get rid of the rest – I’ll donate it if it’s unopened, or will send my sister or mom an epic box of products for them to try for themselves. I always, always try and recycle in one way or another. 

Step No. 2: Organize + Prioritize

Once I purged my products, I divided everything up into categories for the cabinets. This is how I broke them down by category:


Scott’s Products

Hair Styling + Care (Mine)

Skincare + Nail (Mine)

Regimen of The Moment (Mine – Includes the everyday items I’m using/testing out at the moment – fragrance, skincare, deodorant, skincare devices, etc.)


Cleaning Products

Dog Products

Hot Tools (Curling Irons, Blow Dryers, etc)

Product Overstock


Daily Shower Products – razors, body wash, bath oils, scrubs, shampoo, conditioners, masks, etc.

Step No. 3: Storage 

Now that you have your categories, storage is a must! 

These were the key items I ordered from Bed Bath + Beyond that helped me organize everything. 

Step No. 4: Decorate

Decorating is the fun part! The fastest way to transform a space, is to change up the largest surface area of the room. For instance, in a bedroom, this would be the bedding, and in a bathroom…it’s adding in shower curtain (if you don’t have a door), as well as bath mats, and towels. In addition, you could also add a splash of paint or wallpaper to help transform the new look. 

 I used these items to change up our space:

P.S. If you’re wondering where my makeup is, I keep it on my vanity, and out of my bathroom. I definitely don’t have room for it in my bathroom, and I do my makeup by the window for the most natural lighting possible. 

What do you think of my revamp? Are you a product junkie too? What area of your home could use organization? (we’ve all got at least one area, am I right?) I think our hall closets are next!




Bed Bath + Beyond sponsored this post, however all opinions are my own.

All photography by Scott White.



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