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Ulta Beauty – 21 Days of Beauty

Ulta Beauty – 21 Days of Beauty

When I heard about the Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty sale with People StyleWatch and TheOutfit.com, I couldn’t help but add a few fun new options to my makeup bag! With prices this amazing, they make it seriously risk-free, and easy to try out the newest trends! 


As a fashion and beauty publicist by day, and blogger by night, I have spent years testing and curating my ultimate beauty product go-to’s. Hey, it’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

I’m usually a brand loyalist; I love to seek out the best product each category and stick to it for years.  However, just when I think I have it down to a science, a brand new product comes along in some gorgeous shade, with some adorable packaging, and sweeps me off my feet! As I prepare for New York Fashion Week, where I’ll be covering the shows for Haute House Flower for a second season, I DEPEND on my go-to makeup staples to offer me the only form of consistency that I can count on during fashion month mania.

That being said, when I heard about Ulta Beauty’s Fall 21 Days of Beauty sale with People StyleWatch and TheOutfit.com, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try out a few fun new options to add to my makeup bag. The best part? You can try them too!

Have you guys heard about this sale? It’s a million kinds of AMAZING. Here’s the skinny: Starting on September 6th, for the full month of September, a different product will be featured at a reduced rate, there are even some freebies with purchase!

With prices this affordable, they make it seriously easy and risk-free, to try out the newest trends.  I’ve reviewed a few of my favorite lip, blush, eyeliner and mascara finds; all of which I’ve used, and am wearing in this post.  I am so excited to share them with you, not to mention, take them to NY Fashion Week with me! Keep reading for my tips, tricks, and reviews. I’ve even included the Beauty Steal Run Dates below in case you want to pick them up for yourself!

Between beach days, working out, and long work days spent behind at computer, everything about my lifestyle is conducive to messing up my eye makeup.  I remember the first time I walked out of a meeting, looked in a mirror, and realized my eyeliner was up by my eyebrow (how does that even happen?!).  So embarrassing! I quickly learned my lesson, and literally now have a mirror that I keep on my desk so I can check for any smears throughout the day! I am constantly worried about my makeup running. Problem solved with Stila’s Smudge Proof Waterproof Eye Liner. Not only does it stay put all day, but the richly pigmented color and easy application, means that you can create the perfect line every time. Beginning today, September 10th,  you can buy one, get one free (reg $22 each)! Such a no brainer, buy one, and keep it at the office, or share the other with your bestie!


My ongoing goal is reduce the time of my morning makeup regime. As much as I love taking my time to do my makeup, the reality is, the majority of the time I’m doing my makeup on-the-go. Coupled with cutting my routine time, I’m always, ALWAYS looking to reduce the amount of STUFF that I carry with me. There’s nothing effortless, or chic about carting a heavy makeup bag that weighs more than your purse around. Am I right?! Being a slave to your makeup bag also means that teeny-tiny clutches and purses are out of the question. Enter Stila Convertible Color. This baby is my new favorite; you get a mirror, lip stain, and cheek stain in one tiny package! To apply, simply tap on lips and cheek with fingertips, and blend. Not to mention it’s super compact, flat, and will fit in even the tiniest of bags. Save yourself some time, (and valuable real estate)! On September 24th, you can snag one for just $12 each on September 24th (reg $25 each)!


Let’s talk lashes.  As I’m currently taking a much needed hiatus from my beloved lash extensions, I have been on the hunt for a mascara that can give me the volume and length that I’m used to. With a genius rollerball so you can reach both your top and bottom lashes with ease, this IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara comes pretty dang close. Their packaging promises to “increase lash volume by 430%” Holy statistic! Guess what? They weren’t exaggerating. Want lashes for daysss? You can pick one up for just $12 on September 25th (reg $24 each)!


My other trick to make those lashes look even more lush? A bold black cat eye. I love the look so much, but can just never manage to get the line quite right. I’ve heard the best things about the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liner so I was beyond excited to try it out.  The easy hold grip allows the liner to seamlessly glide and fill in spaces, without smudging or pulling. Not to mention the color comes on rich, and lasts and lasts! Beginning September 26th you can get one for a steal for just $10 each (reg $20 each)!


Ulta Beauty’s 21 Days of Beauty Steal Deal Dates:

Stila’s Smudge Proof Waterproof Eye Liner Buy One, Get One Free on September 10th (reg $22 each)
Stila Convertible Color $12 each on September 24th (reg $25 each)
IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara $12 each on September 25th (reg $24 each)

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liner $10 each  on September 26th (reg $20 each)

What are YOUR makeup must-haves? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!  Also, beginning this weekend, I’ll be covering some amazing shows at NY Fashion Week, and I’ll also be attending some of the most exclusive celebrity studded parties.  As always, I have some super exciting, designer giveaways in store for you this month, so stay tuned by following along on my Instagram (@HauteHouseFlower) and Snapchat (@HauteHouseFlowr)…it’s going to be a beautiful fall!


Dress:  Bloomingdales


Diamond Necklace: Bloomingdales

Watch: Kate Spade

Ring: David Yurman


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