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A Flare For The Dramatic

A Flare For The Dramatic

 I can vividly recall walking onto the ominous stairs of the middle school quad that day; wearing pink patent leather Sketchers, and my Mudd flared jeans. 

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I still remember the day that I wore my first pair of flared jeans. It was 1996, I was 13 years old, and painfully shy at a new middle school. My family and I had just moved from the ultra-liberal hills of Berkeley, California to Piedmont, a neighboring preppy suburb. I knew no one, and was in complete culture shock.I’ve always expressed myself through my clothing, but my fresh-from-Berkeley, urban-grunge look, made me stick out like a sore thumb at my new school. I played around with my style, and tried my best to jump on the preppy train; a look that I love, but just isn’t inherently ME. The struggle was sooo real, you guys.

Then one day, all of the impossibly beautiful popular girls (seriously, why weren’t they awkward at fourteen? I had buck teeth, braces, and still looked like a nine year old) started wearing flared jeans. I loved the way the jeans elongated their legs, and the dramatic element that they added to any outfit. I debated purchasing pair of flared jeans for weeks. I was worried that everyone would think I was trying too hard, or that people would talk about me. Somehow, I finally gathered up the courage to purchase a pair; carefully crafted my outfit, and planned their middle school debut. Clearly, I was already a future fashion PR girl, and blogger in the making. 🙂

It’s so strange, the random memories that stay with you. I can vividly recall walking onto the ominous stairs of the middle school quad that day; wearing a baby tee, pink patent leather Sketchers (swoon), and rocking my Mudd (remember them?!) flared jeans. People stared. I was nervous, but for the first time at that school, I was confident. I looked tall, felt cool, and like to think I even had a bit of swagger. Three popular girls who had never spoken to me before, immediately ran up to me, screeching, “We love your flares! Where’d you get them?!” I was hooked. My social life took a turn for the best, and I wore flared jeans for the next four years.

Needless to say, I couldn’t be more excited that my favorite denim style is now back…in majorly big way! My modern take on them? A dark rinse, high-waisted flare, like these from J BRAND. To keep the look long and lean, top the jeans off with a short tailored jacket, and a tucked-in, slim fitting top. Flares BEG for heels, so simply add a fun platform heel, and pointy-toed heels, or boots to add edge.

Are you fan of flared jeans, and the whole 70’s revival look? How do you style your flares? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below! Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram [@HauteHouseFlower] I have some super exciting, DESIGNER giveaways in store for you this month, that I can’t wait to share!


Jacket: Saks Fifth Avenue

Top: Lauren Ralph Lauren

Jeans: J BRAND ‘LoveStory 22’


Shoes: Gianmarco Lorenzi

Bag: Foley + Corinna


Ear Jacket: Nadri

Bone Necklace: Dogeared 

Diamond Necklace: Kwiat

Feather Ring: Pandora

Ring: David Yurman


Scott White [Follow him on Instagram: @BloggerPhotographer]



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