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Give a Girl A Minute: Get Ready Faster With Dove

Give a Girl A Minute: Get Ready Faster With Dove

I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to streamline my getting-ready beauty regime, and have edited it down to these highly effective, yet easy steps that I wanted to share with you; along with something new from Dove that will help you get ready faster, and rock your WORLD.

Adjusting to my new life in NYC, paired with working full-time in PR/social media by day, and blogging by night, I rarely take a moment to myself.  Something about a luxurious 15-minute bubble bath just helps me reset and mentally prepare for my next activity. Just give a girl a minute…am I right?!

Once I’m dried off it’s go-time.  To be clear, I’ve been “that girl” that takes forever (and yes, sometimes I still am) but between sharing a bathroom with my boyfriend (a first…thank you sky-high NYC real estate market!) and being so on-the-go, I’ve simply had to edit my getting ready beauty regime. As long as my outfit is picked out in advance and my hair is dry, I can be out the door and photo-shoot/meeting/event/NYC exploring ready in 30 minutes.

Here’s the quick and not-so-dirty:

Step 1:  Apply Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

My new obsession. While I did receive these products courtesy of Dove, I truly have become a devotee of their Dry Spray Antiperspirant, and have since ditched my old favorites.  Application is so quick and easy — you can just “Shake, Spray and Go”, with the assurance of 48-hour odor and wetness protection (48 hours, um… AMAZING!)

I was initially intrigued because they reminded me of the spray-on antiperspirants that I tried in France when I was a teenager, and always seemed so much more glamorous than stick deodorants. However, unlike those frou-frou French scents, these from Dove actually WORK. They go on instantly dry, and provide 48 hours of odor and wetness protection with all the care of Dove.

My favorite scent is the dark pink capped (of course) “Revive”. Think notes that are fruity, citrus and floral-a juicy, vivacious, cheerful, scent.  Yes, this is still a deodorant I’m describing – however I will tell you that other girls I’ve talked to sometimes just wear this instead of perfume…

It’s that GOOD.

If you’re more of a no-fuss gal, the light, clean fragrance of the “Original Clean” scent (navy blue cap) is equally as fabulous, and they have tons more fragrances (i.e. Chamomile, Cucumber, etc) as well. Try them out for yourself and report back to me on your faves!

Step 2: Moisturize face with SPF-based moisturizer and subsequent body lotion du jour.

Step 3: Five Minute Face (Quick, Everyday Makeup Application –specifics on this coming soon!)

Step 4: Outfit & Accessories

Step 5: Hair (In a rush, it’s always some form of ponytail)

Step 6: Bag, Keys, Perfume. Cell(s), Camera, Chargers, Kiss Puppies

Step 7: Out the door and off to explore. Bonjour NYC! 😉

What is your go-to beauty regime? Tell me in comments section below! Be sure to also follow along on my Instagram (@HauteHouseFlower) for daily doses of my beauty and fashion faves.

All photos by Scott White (@BloggerPhotographer)

Thanks to Dove and Simply Stylist for sponsoring this post.


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