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What Is the Average Price of a Men’s Suit?

The average price of a men’s suit varies wildly depending on factors like the designer, the style and more. Find out about the average price of a men’s suit with help from an experienced fashion industry professional in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi boys, I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, and this is my model Scott, and today I’m going to be talking about the average price for a men’s suit. Men’s suits typically range from between 99 dollars all the way up to 5,000 dollars. But I’m here to tell you today, that you can get a quality suit for just 450 dollars. While you can find many suits that are 99 dollars all the way up to 5,000 dollars, it’s important to look for a few things to make sure that even though you’re paying a reduced rate on a suit, you are still getting quality. One of the first things to look for is fabric. Make sure that the fabric has some sort of wool blend, as opposed to a rayon or polyester, which will not fit well, and it also will almost cheapen the look of your outfit. These wool fabrics and silk blend fabrics look richer and will give your suit a more designer, fashion-forward looking feel. Even if you have a 5,000 dollar suit, it will look like a 99 dollar suit if it doesn’t fit you properly. Get your suits tailored. There’s nothing more unsightly than a suit that doesn’t fit appropriately. So going to designer outlets and discount stores, especially during peak season, April, May, June is wedding season, so many of these stores will have huge 60 percent off discounts, and those are the store that you want to target. You’re not sacrificing and getting a lower price label, you’re getting the designer, you’re just paying less money. And now you know the average price of a men’s suit, thanks so much for joining us today, again, I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, big thanks to Scott, and we’ll see you next time, bye.


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