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What Do You Need for Fashion Week?

You’re going to need a number of important things if you have any hope of surviving fashion week, like hairspray, a sewing kit and more. Find out what you need for fashion week with help from the founder of Haute House PR in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, fashionistas. I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, founder of Haute House PR, and we’re here today at my showroom in Los Angeles, and I’m talking about the items that you must have for fashion week. My first must haves for fashion week is an energy drink to get me through the shows and get me to the after parties afterwards. This is a must. Next I found the most adorable little emergency kit. It has over 17 different items in it including hairspray, a sewing kit, it even has Advil in it so this is great for a girl on the go and in between shows. You of course have to have your camera with you to capture all of your favorite looks for the season and the models as they go down the runway and I always like to have a pair of statement earrings or a piece of statement jewelry with me to take my outfit from day to night and dress sit up if I’m going out after the shows. And of course you have to have your big over sized sunglasses not only to hide your tired eyes but also to block your eyes from all the camera flashes at the shows. This is another one of my favorite products. It has, it’s a little kit that has a mirror in it and it’s a full makeup bag. It has lip gloss, mascara, bronzer, blush, brushes and eye shadow in it and it all fits in this little compact case that zips up and you can throw it in your bag and it also doubles as a clutch so it has many uses to it and of course, your notebook to record all the trends for the season and report them back. So those are my tips for what you need for fashion week. I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman. You can check me out at Hautehousepr.com. Thanks so much and good luck at the shows. Bye, see you next time.


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