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Storage Ideas for Shoes & Purses

Storing shoes and purses is something that you can do in a wide variety of really creative ways, like via bookshelves. Find out about storage ideas for shoes and purses with help from the founder of Haute House PR in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, founder of Haute House PR. And, we’re here at my showroom in Los Angeles. And today, I’m going to be talking about storage options for shoes and purses – two of my favorite things. So, now, while you could always store things on a bookshelf, I have a few more creative options for you today. The first one are these acrylic bins, and these are great because you can see exactly what is inside them. You can put both shoes as well as clutches inside them, and the drawers just slide out. Another great option that I like are these bins, and the nice thing about them is that you can customize the label on them and write them on these little chalkboard labels. So, bring out my bin to demonstrate. And so, this one will be for sandals. So, for instance, we write, “Sandals” on it. And then, you just affix it to the front, and tie it on. So, voila! Then, you have that all organized. Another option that I love – just because I have so many clothes and shoes – to save on closet space, are these fantastic hanging over the door bags. You can put them on a rack in your closet, or you can hang them over the door, and they just attach with a little hook, and they’re double-sided as well, so you can turn them. And, they’re clear, so you can see what you have. And then, there’s the same option for shoes – and these come in multiple colors, if you’d prefer to have a color as well. And, just slip them in – it fits a full pair for each pocket. So, those are my tips for storing shoes and purses. Again, I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, and you can check me out at HauteHousePR.com. Thanks so much! See you next time!


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