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How to Dress for a Winter Fashion Internship

When dressing for a winter fashion internship you’re definitely going to want to be equal parts fashion forward and chic. Dress for a winter fashion internship with help from the founder of Haute House PR in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi, fashionistas. I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, founder of Haute House PR and I’m here today at my showroom talking a little bit about what to wear for your Winter fashion internship. One of the most important things I think is to always always wear something that is tailored yet a little bit fashion forward and chic. For instance this blazer is one of my favorites. It’s super comfortable. I can wear it anywhere it’s really versatile and then it also has this chain detailing which adds a little bit of texture and visual interest. My number two tip would be to always bring flats with you wherever you go whether you wear heels to the office or not that’s fine but no one wants an intern coming with them anywhere that is complaining about their feet hurting and you’ll just miss out on opportunities so always always be pared with your flats. On that note you should also always have a piece of statement jewelry with you whether it be a cuff or earrings or you know a necklace of some sort, something that can go from day to night. You never know when an editor or designer or whoever your boss might be in the fashion industry asks you to go to an event with them and that could be who knows your big break. So you want to always always be prepared. So those are my tips on how to dress for your Winter fashion internship and again I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman. You can check me out at Hautehousepr.com and good luck with your internships, bye,


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