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How to Dress Cool in a Gym

When dressing for a day out at the gym, you always want to make sure that you’re comfortable above all else. Dress cool in a gym with help from a fashion industry professional in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Hi there, workout fanatics! I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman of Haute House PR, and today I’m going to be showing you how to dress cool in a gym. So, one of the first things that I think you need is that certain je ne sais quoi, effortless attitude. So, I feel like this top, which has a built-in sports bra, and then also has some draping along the side, really gives that kind of slouchy, effortless edge. Pair that with some tight-fitting leggings so you still look stylish, but yet comfortable, and you’ve got it all together. I also always like to add a headband – it keeps my bangs off my eyes, and it’s just a fun another little pop of color to bring everything together. Other alternatives to this include off-the-shoulder t-shirts, bright sports bras. These are super-cool headphones that have beads on them, so they’re different than your average every day, you know, white Apple headphones. So, these are super-cute. And then, pair them with little butt shorts to kind of bring the whole look together. And, plug in your music, and you’ve got it all set! I also love to have a great sneaker with me. So, having something in a grayish tone with just a little bit of color is always kind of a safe, not trying too hard, way to go. Lastly, always bringing a hoodie with you in case you get chilly after the workout – you know, you need your muscles to cool down – I like to have something in a great neutral, like a gray, or something in a hot pink. So, those are my tips for how to dress cool in the gym. Thanks so much for joining me today! Again, I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, and you can check me out at HauteHousePR.com. Thanks so much! Bye!


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