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How To Choose The Right Wedding Shoes

How To Choose The Right Wedding Shoes


We’ve all had THAT TIME that our shoes ruined our night. Don’t let it happen on your wedding day! Especially if you’ve decided you want to wear heels for your wedding, figuring out how to choose the right wedding shoes can be overwhelming.

So where to start in a sea of bow, and jewel-encrusted, sky high, wedding shoes? These were the factors I took into account when selecting my wedding heels.

Get Your Wedding Dress First

I cannot stress the importance of deciding on your wedding dress, BEFORE you purchase your shoes. It sounds obvious, but it’s a MUST. (If you’re planning on wearing a shorter dress that shows off your shoes, that’s a different story!) Once I chose my dress, I set out to find my shoes.

*Pro Tip: Make sure you get your shoes before your first fitting. You’ll need your wedding shoes with you for all of your wedding dress fittings. 

Consider Your Hem & The Venue

My wedding dress was a ballgown, so there were layers of tulle, horsehair, and lining underneath. I know myself, and I can be a little clumsy sometimes, LOL. The last thing I needed was for a rogue jewel or organza bow to get caught on the hem of my dress. I imagined myself tripping, or getting my shoe caught on my dress.

   It’s also important to think about your venue. Will you be standing in grass, dancing in a ballroom, or navigating cobblestones? My entire wedding (except for the cocktail hour) was inside. I knew I could get away with a stiletto since I didn’t have to worry about my heels sinking in the grass.

After this analysis alone, I realized I needed something smooth, sleek, understated, and chic for my ceremony.

Know Yourself

Still stuck? Go to your closet, and think about what kind of heels you’ve historically been most comfortable in for long periods of time. For instance, my sister has a high arch, and can only handle wearing a stacked block heel if she’s going to be dancing or on her feet for hours. Personally, when I wear heels that are 4+ inches for extended periods of time, it sometimes hurts my knees. (wow, I sound old!).

Is there a brand that typically works for you? Time after time, I find myself turning to Bruno Magli for chic yet timeless shoes. An Italian brand, they are incredibly well-made, and were also perfectly suited to our Italian wedding.

Consider Height

Literally everyone in my family is under 5’10” including Scott, who is five inches taller than me. As a result, I chose a 3.5″ inch heel for my wedding shoe, which ended up working perfectly. The shoes were tall enough to give me some height, but still comfortable. Plus it kept me shorter than Scott!

Scott chose a monk-strap pair by Bruno Magli, which he hasn’t stopped raving about. They matched perfectly with his tuxedo, and he was comfortable all night long. He wore another pair from Bruno Magli to our NYC civil ceremony too!

*Pro Tip: Consider your hair/headband/veil height too. I had massive volume in my hair, which brought me closer to Scott’s height than I was originally planning. It sounds silly, and wasn’t a big deal, but it’s definitely something to consider if you’re concerned about height!

Shoe Change

If you’re changing your outfit, that’s a perfect time to change your shoes. If you’re wearing a shorter dress for your outfit change No matter how comfortable your shoes, if you’re going to be dancing, it’s important to have another pair of comfy shoes to change into late night. ANY shoe you’ve been wearing all day is always going to be less comfortable than a fresh pair. I highly recommend having a pair of flats or sandals nearby during your reception in case you need them.

The Shoes

I ultimately decided on this chic, nude pair by Bruno Magli, and they were perfect.

What are your dream wedding shoes? For more photos from our wedding, you can check out our article in Bridal Guide, or find me on Instagram. I’m chatting about all the details from our wedding!


Jordan White 😉


This post is sponsored by Bruno Magli, but all opinions are my own.

All photography by Alessia Franco Photography

Photo Editor: Scott White


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