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The Best Sunscreens To Wear Under Makeup

The Best Sunscreens To Wear Under Makeup

Before I became obsessed with skincare, I would use the excuse that I couldn’t wear sunscreens under makeup. How wrong I was. With summer upon us, I felt like it was more important than ever to share what I’ve learned over the years.

These days, I feel like the sunscreen police, serving tough love to my fiancΓ©, friends and family to apply SPF anytime they go outside. No one around me seems to think it’s that big of a deal.

Maybe it’s because I work in beauty, or because I’m a child of the 90’s, who was flooded with PSA’s about sunburn prevention growing up. I’m petrified of skin cancer, not to mention the other damage that can occur from just ONE sunburn. Anyone else out there?

To those of you that currently love your skin, don’t you want it to stay that way?Β  If so, you must cover it up with a minimum of SPF 30 that includes a zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in it every single time you go outside. Sunscreens with zinc are the only real way to prevent skin damage and premature aging, as it sits on top of the skin, and forms a barrier against the sun’s rays. These are are often called broad-spectrum sunscreens, and they protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

I totally understand that it can take time to find the right SPF’s for you, so I’m making it really easy, and am sharing my tried and tested favorites which all include…you guessed it!Β Β ZINC OXIDE. These include products for face, body, and lips. You can thank me in 30 years when your skin still looks amazing. πŸ™‚



In case you’re still not convinced, the below are the most common excuses/misconceptions I hear daily about not applying sunscreen:

  • It doesn’t look good under my makeup (or gives a white “cast”)
    • True, not all SPF’s do, but there are SO many amazing products out there nowadays! I’ve included my favorites below. Make sure that you wear a sunscreen with zinc oxide under your makeup, even if your makeup has SPF in it.
  • I’m just going outside for 5 minutes.Β 
    • Doesn’t matter.
  • I put it on my face, not my body.
    • Not to quote The Lion King, but, “anywhere the light touches…” must be protected. Don’t forget your ears, the back of your hands and your lips!
  • I put it on this morning.Β 
    • You need to reapply most sunscreens every few hours. Read the label. You took the time to apply it, make sure it’s working for you!
  • I’m so pale, I need a “base tan” without SPF, otherwise I’ll get burned this summer!
    • I can’t even with this one. You mean a base burn? Get a self-tan, spray tan if you want color, or put on SPF and lay out.Β 
  • I’m inside all day at work.
    • Do you drive to work or sit by a window that doesn’t have UV/UVB protectants? Many young people in the U.S. (like age 26) get skin cancer on their left “driving arm” from the repeated exposure.
  • It’s cloudy outside, I don’t need sunscreen.Β 
  • Important to note: To those of you on BIRTH CONTROL, many of them make you extremely sensitive to the sun. I had been wearing sunscreen my whole life, but I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for 10 years, and now have sun damage because of my elevated skin sensitivity during that time. I just thought it was freckles. Nope. Sunspots!Β  (Please note that I am not a doctor, so be sure to check with your dermatologist about skin sensitivity from any other medications you may be taking, to see if there’s a specific type of SPF you should be using.)

Do you keep your skin protected in the sun, or do you not care? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!



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