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Swing Bangs

Swing Bangs

I got Swing Bangs, my hair is so now.

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I’m not necessarily what you would call, a “hair girl”. While I’ve worked extensively in beauty PR (specifically professional hair color and care), and I basically eat blowouts for breakfast, and I love when my hair looks good… I rarely try new hairstyles. Perhaps I still have PTSD from the bowl cut I rocked from ages 3-5, that eventually grew into some sort of 90’s mullet (go ahead, laugh), or that time I thought blonde highlights would be a good idea. Regardless, ever since high school, I’ve had my same long hair with layers. While I dream about bangs on the daily, and have even bought faux bangs (don’t ask), committing to the inevitable high maintenance daily upkeep that comes along with bangs, just TERRIFIES me.


I’ve been looking for a go-to NYC salon ever since I moved here last summer. Up until this month, I had just been going back to my same stylist in California (miss you @brittany_glam!) for upkeep whenever I was on the West Coast every few months.  Why? I’m picky. There are non-negotiables that matter to me in a salon, that are not necessarily always easy to come by, namely the below:

  • The Salon uses color and haircare products that are amazing/I’m already familiar with.
  • The Salon’s colorists & stylists are not only true experts, but share a similar aesthetic to me. (i.e. they are modern, understand fashion and beauty pop culture references, and just get it.)
  • Atmosphere is welcoming, chic, and has a good vibe.
  • That I love my hair when I leave.


Upon entering ARROJO, in NYC’s SOHO, I could immediately tell this would be my new local salon. Not only did ARROJO meet every one of my standards, but it exceeded them. I felt so comfortable, that I even, (gasp!) took a risk and within the first 5 minutes of being there, decided to get swing bangs.

“Do you ever wear your hair parted in the middle? You should, you have great cheekbones. I’m thinking we do like a Brigitte Bardot Swing Bang,” said my hairstylist Lizzie.  SOLD.

This was the first time I had ever heard the term “Swing Bangs”, but I immediately loved the concept, along with Lizzie’s vision for my hair. If you’re not familiar, Swing Bangs are longer than the usual bangs, and hang on the side of your head, framing the face. They can also be worn swept to the side. I loved that they were a step towards real bangs, but still were long enough to pin to the side anytime I couldn’t deal with my fringe.

Not only did they use top of the line color on my hair, but ARROJO has developed their own line of truly amazing haircare products.  For those of you in Manhattan or Brooklyn looking for a fabulous salon, I can’t recommend ARROJO more, they have three locations. I can’t wait to go back!

Would you ever try swing bangs, or if you already have bangs, how do you style them?  I need all the tips I can get! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Colorist: Tessa (@tessarosehair) at ARROJO using Goldwell hair color

Cutting/Styling: Lizzie (@lizziedoeshair) at ARROJO using ARROJO haircare products

All Photography by moi. // @hautehouseflower


Thank you to ARROJO NYC


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