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Perfect The At-Home Sunless Tan

Perfect The At-Home Sunless Tan

Countless orange palms, and after trying nearly every product on the market, I’ve been on a 10 year mission to perfect the at-home sunless tan.IMG_7514.jpeg

My obsession with being tan began on a trip to the Bahamas when I was 11 years old. Naturally a shade paler than olive (aka yellow), I immediately turned nut brown in the Bahamian sun, and even at that young age, I immediately noticed the difference in my appearance –  I just looked like a glowier, healthier, BETTER version of myself. I was hooked.

Attending college in Arizona did nothing to diminish the cultural importance of being tan, but as I was (LUCKILY) petrified of UV rays and skin cancer, I avoided the tanning booths and hunted down the then new-to-the-market-spray tan. While I still love a good spray tan for important events, for everyday usage, (and for those awkward times in-between spray tan sessions) I love myself an at-home sunless tanner.

At this point, I can safely say that I’ve tried nearly every self-tanner on the market. To date, nothing has ever proven to be so foolproof, fragrance-free, and quick to apply as the new Jergen’s Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. As a longtime devotee of Jergen’s Natural Glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer SPF 20, I was excited to hear that they had revamped their original formula, removing any last trace of telltale self-tanning odor, with the launch of their Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. BONUS: My boyfriend Scott actually uses it too…. and likes it! He is extremely picky when it comes to self-tanners, and this is the only one he’s ever liked! (No, this is not a sponsored post, while I was gifted the product to try, all opinions are my own.)

For those of you looking for something less gradual (expect to see noticeable color after about 2 applications), or who might be looking for something to apply to dry skin, or your face, etc I’ve rounded up a few of my tried and true favorites.  With almost all of these products, I alternate between the medium to tan shades, and the fair to medium shades depending on the time of year. Remember that many of these do not include SPF, so be sure to layer on the sunscreen before going outside!

What are some of your favorite self-tanners?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Be sure to follow my daily adventures in beauty on my Instagram.

All Photography by Scott White // @BloggerPhotographer




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