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Glam Girl Gift Guide

Glam Girl Gift Guide

We all have that ONE friend or family member. That Glam Girl (or guy) who seemingly already has everything, and has very specific taste, yet gives no recommendations for what they want or need this holiday season. It’s impossible to give them gifts! At the risk of sounding super annoying, I’m kind of that girl.

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People start asking me in early November what I want  for the holidays, and for whatever reason, my requests for gift cards are just no longer an acceptable answer. What they’re not understanding, is that I thoroughly enjoy the process of shopping. Yes, it’s super helpful, and so appreciated if you’ve already gotten me an item on my list, but if something makes THE LIST, it probably means I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. This also means  that the satisfaction that I’ll get out of purchasing that item in-store, then walking out of the store, with a shiny bag heavy with aforementioned item, re-opening it at home, and putting it away, is half the fun for me. (By the way, I’m pretty sure that qualifies me as a shopaholic, no?)

Unfortunately, I don’t have all the time in the world to shop, but one thing is for sure, my friends and family know that they cannot go wrong if they get me something at my go-to beauty mecca, Ulta Beauty. Their mix of drugstore, department store, and salon products in every price range, all under one roof, makes it a one-stop-gift-shop. Whether it’s my beloved makeup wipes, my signature scent, or salon-exclusive shampoo…… I’m guaranteed to love it.

In the spirit of the holidays, and for the sanity of my loved ones, I wanted to share a couple of items that have made it to my personal holiday list this season, and that are sure to be a hit with the Glam Girl (even if it’s you) in your life. The best part? They are both under $20 each (!), plus you can snag them online now. (Because let’s be honest, not everyone loves the physical act of shopping as much as I do.)

1) House of Hues 34 Piece Complete Face Set – $14


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This is THE ultimate palette to get you through the day, night and weekend! At $14 (it’s a $66.50 value), this is the ideal secret santa gift. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love this, and the colors are just gorgeous. I love that there are so many pretty lip shades! The palette’s small, compact size allows you to pop it in your purse for an evening out, or to keep in your car for those traffic touch-ups. (I know I’m not the only one that does this!)

Collection includes:

  • 18 eye shadows 
  • 9 lip colors 
  • 3 blushes 
  • 2 bronzers
  • 1 highlighting powder
  • 1 eye liner pencil and applicator 

2) Be Discovered 67 Piece Collection – $19.99

When I spotted this, it was like a beacon of light was shining down on it, screaming, “I’m perfect, I’m perfect!” Guess what’s even more perfect? The PRICE. I’m sorry, it’s only $20 for everything I’ll ever need (a $175 value!), plus it comes in a case? How is this possible, like, what’s the catch?! Ladies, this is what makes Ulta Beauty  just AMAZING. I personally snagged the classic black version for myself, but it also comes in mauve.
Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself, and I can safely say that I’m obsessed. The bronzer/blush duos, and the brushes are just gorgeous, and I love that everything can fit all in one place.

Ulta’s Be Discovered 67 Piece Collection is a collection designed to be an all-in-one cosmetic case for your beauty needs. This case has two secret compartments full of products and tools. For pesky little sisters, curious puppies, and no-boundaries roomates, not to worry, there’s a lock and key closure.

Collection includes:

  • 33 eye shadows
  • 6 glitter eye top coats
  • 6 gel eye liners
  • 2 dual ended eye liners
  • 4 blush shades
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 bronzer
  • 2 butter balm glosses
  • 2 eye shadow primers
  • 2 color coat cream eye shadows
  • 4 brow powders
  • 1 powder brush
  • 1 brow brush
  • 1 eye shadow brush
  • 1 eye liner brush

Basically, it’s perfection in a box. I plan on keeping this at the office so I never have to lug my insane looking, bronzer-coated makeup bag there again. I’ll just pop my concealer and BB cream in there, and I’ll have everything I need. Ahem, what are you waiting for, have you ordered it yet?!

What’s on your list this season, or who is the biggest headache on your list? I’d LOVE to help you out, and want to hear from you in the comments section below! Ps. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, I have some super amazing giveaways, and shopping discounts coming up, that are designed to help with all of your holiday shopping, and gift-giving this season!


Robe: Vintage 


Ring: David Yurman


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